For All Have Sinned and Fall Short of The  Glory of God.  Romans 3:23

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Welcome! We are a Christ Centered Non-Denominational Ministry of Biblical Truth. We seek the truth about life through God's Word, as it is written in The Bible and as it applies to real life as Christians. We understand the The Bible is the complete word of God, not the complete works of God, which we are also responsible to derive truth from. This ministry is intended to investigate and share Christ-based truth to both married and single Christians alike. Our prayer is that you will learn or recognize God's Truth in this Christian website for the purpose of taking your place in furthering the growth of The Kingdom of God.

Who is God and why did He create us?
Better yet, why did He create us to be born into such a troubled world, where it's so difficult to have the truly personal and life fulfilling relationship with God that he created us for and desires? Why is it so complicated to be single and Christian? 

These are questions that many single and married Christians alike ask themselves and others frequently. Is it possible that God made life so tough as a sort of “acid test” to ensure that you really want Him and his cause and not just the fruits that your relationship with God brings? 

This I believe, so that He can “weed out” the non-believers and “lukewarm Christians”. A way for Him to know that He can trust us with His instructions and life purpose - and can separate us from those folks who are only around for the promise of happiness and security that He offers. 
“You did not choose me, but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you” John 15:16 

Most of us can't see Him! We don’t see Him when man speaks in His honor, whether in church or in another venue, we just don't usually feel like we see his face there with us. Even with friends, family or music, we simply can’t physically see Him. We can see His creations and sometimes notice that He had a sense of humor and a complexity about Him that is staggering but somehow we just don't usually feel really connected. 

As a society in general, we are caught in the deceptive though process of, "If I can't see it, touch it, smell it or hear it, it's not real! This is one of many common deceptions that Lucifer has used on humans for centuries, to keep us thinking in the way that is fruitful to his cause of leading us astray from our purpose and creator.
What about gravity? It's there. If you don't believe it, try jumping off a building and going up!
You see, it's critical that Satan can keep humans in a state of oppression and/or frustration with life. Otherwise we would always focus on the promises of forgiveness, grace and hope that God promises in his word.

Evil desires nothing more than to make us miss God's intentions and design. This ministry was founded to help reveal these and many other shortcomings that we as humans posses. To Christians, they are known as mental and spiritual strongholds.
I’ll submit this for your consideration, regardless of your financial or social status on earth, it doesn't matter to God! Financial wealth is an important tool to be used to reach others but you can't be a better person by giving him more of what he already owns all of. Your heart and motivations need to be focused on God and his love. He calls all to serve him, because every married and Single Christian is in a brutal spiritual battle with Lucifer. God knows that Satan will win X number of souls through death of the spirit through deception and his word tells us to be aware of Satan's deception
We deny Lucifer's deception by turning away from sin and gaining wisdom about how to live life through The Bible. There are specific talents that God gave you, to do a very specific job in your life and until you discover those skills and put them to work for the Kingdom of God, you will not be truly happy. You may be rich and "fake it" well for a period of time, but in the end - it's a house-of-cards without Him.

The way it usually happens is us waking up one day "over the hill' and realizing we are miserable and our life has no meaning to us. We think, "what happened? I was such a happy kid just yesterday?" If you are still lost about what I'm speaking of here, it's okay. Nobody is great at anything without practice.

Find your desires - the things that you are good at, which you would do for free but could make money at, while still enjoying doing them, is how God designed you specifically. Your desires will reveal your design. Your design will reveal your destiny. We’re here to help you find that!

Most of us miss God's design for us. We know that we have talent in a given area and we usually decide to use that for financial and social gain. That's okay as long as you are honoring God in a deeply thankful way and providing a product or service to those who can truly use and appreciate it. It's important that we look for ways to use our talents to give back to The Kingdom of God and find ways to server others with our talents.

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